ARTUS 8 - High Performing Metal Analyser

CALIBUS - CMOS - based LIBS Analyser Measuring Carbon in Ferrous

The CALIBUS is the latest in a series of laser-induced breakdown spectrometers (LIBS) from ARUN Technology. It was the first and only CMOS-based LIBS analyser in the market to measure carbon in ferrous.

The CALIBUS is an ideal analytical solution for QA/QC in the metallurgical manufacturing and machining, petrochemical industries, mining, scrap metal and recycling.

The CALIBUS has a wide spectrum range of 190nm - 800nm (depending on the model). This range can detect more than 20 elements including C, Li, Be, B, Na, Mg, and Si.

Analytical results can be shown in 1 second and efficiency is 10-30 times improved in comparison to other available conventional portable OES spectrometers in the market.

Because of the integrated CMOS technology, the CALIBUS is able to provide a higher precision test data.

The universal curve function makes it easy to just pick up and start testing straight away.

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Better resolution is achieved by three optical cells: one is specific for detecting Carbon. This feature enables to achieve greater number of elements to be detected.

At 2.2kg, its' portability makes it easy to use in any situation and environment.

Laser safety eyewear is recommended and appropriate eyewear for use with the CALIBUS must be rated with an optical density of 5 or greater.

Argon purge technology reduces background noise and improves analysis results.

The internal argon canister can perform up to 300 sample analyses. A portable gas cylinder comes with the instrument. It is used for topping up the internal argon canister (up to 15 times). This means an amazing 4,500 tests can be continuously performed on site.

The Android operating system makes the CALIBUS more convenient to use. It has a 5-inch colour, high resolution touch screen that is protected with an impact-resistant glass material.

The screen has an adjustable daylight display function so that the results can be clearly viewed in any indoor and outdoor environment.

ARTUS 8 - High Performing Metal Analyser
Technical Specifications
CALIBUS 5 (C in Ferrous)
Laser Source Pulse laser Laser pulse 50Hz Laser wavelength 1064nm
Wavelength Range 190 -800nm
Number of Optical Cells 3
Sensor CMOS
Operating Temperature O ° C to + 400 ° C
Operating Humidity 20% - 95%
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 92mm x 295mm x 245mm
Operating System Android
Argon System Flush
Analysis Time 1 second
Anti-Combustion Positive pressure combustion-proof
Certification/Compliance IP56
Display Screen 5" colour touch screen
EC IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4,
IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-11
Element Analysis Capabilities C, Si, Min, cr, Ni, MO, cu, V, Ti, Al, Be, B, Li, Na, Pb, Sn, Fe, Cu, Mg, Zn, Co and more!
Battery A single battery operates 6-10 hours depending on the environmental temperature. Two rechargeable lithium batteries are included.