HELIUS XRF Spectrometers

ARTUS 8 - High Performing Metal Analyser

Helius - XRF Analyser

HELIUS is the first in the series of ARUN's XRF handheld spectrometers. Using X-ray fluorescence analysis technology, this mid-size instrument analyses products of various materials quickly, reliably, and non-destructively. Weighing 1.51kg; this is the lightest amongst other devices in the market.

Since the introduction of XRF spectrometry in the 1950s, it has been a proven and popular technique for metal analysis and is widely used as an efficient means in quality control for many metal processing facilities.

The HELIUS XRF series of metal analysers are a good choice for analysis in many fields; delivering rapid and accurate results right in the palm of your hand. Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, the HELIUS XRF instruments provide ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds. It is the ideal solution for checking and analysing incoming materials, finished goods and in-process production parts in a non-destructive way.

The ergonomic design, light weight and small size are a good balance in the hand. The tapered test head can easily detect curved or corner parts, such as welds. The large capacity battery ensures work can be carried out for as long as 10-12 hours.

Get in Touch

The 5.5" colour touch screen with backlight function will allow the user to see the screen in sun-lit conditions. Touch screen gloves can be worn while manoeuvring through the screen functions.

It has the most comprehensive grade library which includes AISI, DIN, JIS and GB grades, covering more than 1,600 alloys. The user can modify the existing grade library, add new grades or customise the library.

Up to 100,000 test results of storage space, including spectrograms and sample images.

Results and reporting data can easily be transmitted over to PC by Wifi.

An optional sample camera function is available for accurate test positioning.

ARTUS 8 - High Performing Metal Analyser

Features include

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    The HELIUS (XRF) is available in 3 models: 300, 600 and 900. All have an excite source of 50KV/4W Ag Anode, max. 80uA x-ray tube.

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    HELIUS 300 and 600 are calibrated for either alloys (Cast), precious metals (Kt) or minerals (Geo). The HELIUS 300 and 600 (Cast) models are

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    The HELIUS 900 is calibrated for either alloys (Cast) or minerals (Geo). The HELIUS 900 (Cast) model include Mg, Al, Si, P and S light elements and Al-based alloys.

This low-end version XRF has an Si-Pin detector with no light element detection. This is a good instrument for getting grade identification of metals in seconds without extensive analysis. With its simple pass/fail sorting mode, this is ideal for the quick incoming inspection of materials.

HELIUS 300 Cast Kt Geo

This mid-range version has a built-in top end SDD detector. It provides reliable results in as little as 2 seconds for most alloys. It is the ideal instrument for scrap metals sorting and positive materials identification.

HELIUS 600 Cast Kt Geo

This high-end version with SDD technology provides reliable results of non-metallic materials in seconds. It is the ideal analyser for environmental and RoHS compliance screening and geological inspections.

Technical Specifications
Instrument Weight 1.51kg
Instrument Dimensions 22 x 9.1 x 27.6cm
8.66" x 3.58" x 10.86"
Ray Tube Ag target 50V max. 80 uA max.
Maximum Power Of Ray Tube 4W
Filter Wheel Fixed
Detector Type 190eV
Display Screen 5" colour touch screen
Electronic System Quad Core
Battery 2 Lithium Ion batteries
Shell Structure Aluminium alloy: PC and aBS watertight material.
Storage Capacity 8GB SD
Connection USB and WiFi
Report Production Method MS Excel and .TXT
PC Software AXRI.O software
Operating System Android
X-ray beam closing method Air detection sensor off method
Basic Alloy ID Detection Speed Under 5 seconds
Material Database 1,200+
Small Point Collimator Optional